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What are the Benefits of Product Video Production?

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There are a lot of tools available for marketers to take advantage of when they are advertising a company, brand, or product. Whether it is standard SEO, text advertising, social media, or paid ad placements, one that stands out to more people online than any other tends to be video advertising. Video advertising can bring in more people because it can be captivating, interesting, and creative, making people want to learn more about the product that they just watched in action. Creating a video advertisement that is successful, though, isn’t as simple as one might think, so what are the benefits of product video production?

Building Brand Awareness

The best way to build up brand awareness among consumers and the public in general is by creating something that is going to be memorable, and which is capable of getting your message out in an interesting and engaging manner. Product video production will give you the means to plan through a video properly, creating visuals that will bring in the views more easily than a wall of text can, and which can be more easily shared through the masses.

Video Sharing

On the subject of sharing videos easily through the masses, product video production gives you the means of creating a video that is going to be easily shared through social media, or via other means, quickly and effectively. Most social media platforms have a way to play videos for advertising, whether it is on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, or other platforms. As well, putting videos on your business website that are creative and eye catching will grab attention better than text, and they are more likely to lead someone to share your business site with someone they know may need your services.

Increased Traffic

Product video production creates more interesting and engaging content for you to increase the traffic to your brand or product website. Video content on the internet is responsible for two-thirds of traffic, so embedding video into your website, also having them uploaded to platforms such as Youtube, and placing them in video advertising platforms will bring more into your business than standard text advertising often does. Adding product video production to your marketing campaigns will allow you to tap into a much larger consumer market than other standard advertising methods can accomplish alone.

SEO Ranking Advantage

Companies that regularly post two videos to their website and social media platforms will get better SEO ranking than those that do not. Including product video production in your marketing campaign plans with regularly scheduled released videos will allow you to get higher in the SEO rankings on Google than your competitors. Of course, this should be combined with standard SEO practices.

Creativity Has No End

With the introduction of product video production into your marketing campaigns, you open up a nearly endless set of possibilities that were not available with standard image or text advertising. Creativity can be taken to the limits with video production, which is able to grab people’s attention and get them engaging with your content more readily in order to spread awareness of your brand or products.

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