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The Pros and Cons of Video Marketing

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With our ever-changing technology and our ever-changing market, our methods of advertising are constantly evolving. American adults now spend over 11 hours per day consuming some manner of media—that’s the majority of most people’s waking hours! This is incredible for advertising because it gives almost unlimited opportunity for viewership, especially in video marketing. Unfortunately, that also leaves room for failure, too, and there are both good and bad things about hiring a video marketing agency to work with you.


Professional Photography and Videography

A video marketing agency will have the means to access quality professionals who can frame your product or message in the best possible light. Using the best and most creative people will help create the biggest impact for you, your product, and your brand.

Versatility and Accessibility

Video ads are effective everywhere. Almost every site has opportunities to run ads, and video ads can run as pop-ups or background ads. Facebook will throw ads directly onto user’s news feeds as they scroll. Amazon Prime and other streaming services run video ads before watching their shows. News sites and other websites run banner ads that run videos constantly. Anyone with eyes will see video every day, so putting your brand on that video is massive exposure. A video marketing agency will help you take advantage of that exposure.


Targeted Advertising Can Be Difficult

Your ads need to reach your targeted consumers, and this isn’t always an exact science. Your ad needs to be in the right place at the right time to influence the right kind of customer in the right kind of way. Using the right type of ad for your customer is also important for making sure that the customer remembers and likes the ad or the way it makes them feel. For example, loud music or flashing lights will likely not set the right tone if you are trying to sell homes in a retirement community. Family-toned ads are unlikely to resonate with teenagers and young adults to advertise restaurant or bar. Video marketing agencies can help you avoid pitfalls like this.

Unclear Messaging

Ads that are not clear about what they are selling are just space-filler and there are many ways that your ad can end up this way. If it’s overly graphic and doesn’t explicitly feature your product or brand, it will not stick with your intended customers. If it’s too mild and does not grab the necessary attention, it will end up the same way. A video marketing agency will identify the goal of your ad with you to correct for this and make sure your ad is relevant.

All marketing is an investment in your brand, and all investment requires some risk. But if you want your investment to represent your business in the best possible way, consult a professional video marketing agency for some advice on how to get started. Contact us for more detail.


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