Unboxing Videos



Unboxing videos have quickly become a very addictive trend in the video world. These videos are getting more and more popular as more and more videos are being made about various consumer products. And, if you haven’t already seen one, an unboxing video is exactly what it sounds like. At its core, “unboxing” is the process of recording the moment when a certain product is opened and removed from the packaging it was sold in. Unboxing videos are addictive.

They pass on that excitement of enjoying something for the first time. Another reason people are hooked on unboxing videos is that they’re a way of verifying the company’s product without the need to spend money. It’s a practical way to get a look at a commercial product and understand all its benefits and features with out pulling out your wallet. Yet! For companies it is an extremely effective way to indirectly advertise to the consumer with actually trying to sell them anything.

Unboxing videos are typically used in the middle or bottom parts of the funnel.


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