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How to Use Video to Make a Profit

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Video is being used everywhere and on almost every platform. It is not just for television and films anymore. As technology has developed, so has the use of video in businesses. Small and large businesses are using video to make profit and to market their products and services. Videos are no longer someone with a video camera filming. Companies are outsourcing video development to ensure that the videos are right for multipurpose platforms, such as amazon product videos, to ensure that they get a product that can be used on any platform and that will get the attention of the target audience.

Why use an external production company to produce Amazon product videos for your business?

The creation of a business video requires a lot of people and knowledge. When hiring our company, the packages include everything that you need, including things that you may not have even known you needed. Our studios include props, animation, voice over actors, and physical actors. The final copy will have music edited in and saved to be used on numerous platforms and you own the originals. If a company wants to produce their own videos, it is difficult to line up all the talent and professionals needed to create this product. Finding the right actor, the right voice over actor, and those who are able to create animations and edit music: this takes a large amount of time and cost. Using IMCO to create Amazon video products means you have a say in what you want, but we have the expertise to bring it to life.

Will using an external company to produce Amazon product videos help my company

Face to face meetings, conferences, and hands-on training have been limited over the last few years, and this has changed the way that business is run. Zoom and team meetings have become common for employers, employees, and customers. Conferences and training are done online now, and with this change there needs to be a change in the way that we use technology—and video products are a key part of this.

When watching a webinar, having the right video to talk about the company and to maintain the attention of those attending is crucial. It needs to be professional and compelling. If the video does not draw the attention of those attending, they tend to drift off. Being online versus in person makes this easier.

Amazon product videos are also used to walk employees or consumers through the steps of the how to use your product or navigate through the websites.

Is there a profit in using Amazon product videos

Profits are normally created through the sales of products or services. Sales entails marketing and advertising. Millennials and Generation X and Zs have changed the way that advertising is accepted. Advertising now is more effective when it is a short video on a social media platform. Using Amazon product videos can create an effective video that can be used on multiple platforms under two minutes to catch the attention of the targeted audience. In turn, when a potential customer is enticed by the video, they will click like or share, and this becomes a good search engine optimization technique that will get your company noticed.

Another way to create profit through the use of video is when a customer is satisfied: they will refer to your company to others and become a brand ambassador. Additionally, to help ensure that the consumer is happy, when there are complicated instructions or do it yourself styles involved, having a step by step instructional video where the consumer can see and hear instructions will have a positive impact. This customer, when satisfied, will let others know about your company, increasing sales and impacting your bottom line.


Video is one of the best ways to reach customers and employees. Using Amazon product videos will create a video that will meet your needs on your budget. For more information about amazon product videos, click here.


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