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How to Use Facebook Videos to Promote Your Business

Designing an online marketing campaign can be a complex process at times, especially with so many platforms available and advertising types to choose from. The go-to for many advertisers is basic paid search engine text ads, but if you are looking to spruce up your advertising campaign and push your company to be a brand that is recognized for their creative flare, then video ads are going to be what gets the most click throughs for you. Choosing video ads also means that one of the best platforms to target your ads on is Facebook. Your Facebook video production needs to be on point to get the attention you need from as many people’s Facebook feeds as possible, and hiring a professional company will give you the advantage you need over your competition.

The Advantages of Facebook Video Production

Text based advertising just isn’t interesting for most people, and they will easily and quickly skip over it. Video advertising has a much higher view rate and click rate, especially on platforms with feed style layouts, like Facebook, so there has been an increasing need for Facebook video production over the last few years. Videos also allow you to be more creative with your advertising, something that is needed when on the Facebook platform, as well as most other social media platforms.

One great advantage of Facebook video production is the fact that the videos you produce for Facebook don’t only have to be used on Facebook. With a good creative video advertisement, you can repurpose it for any other social media platform, blitzing all the platforms you can to maximize your reach to push up brand awareness and click throughs to your products and services.

Understanding Your Video Ad Focuses

In order to create an effective Facebook video production, you need to know what to focus on with your video advertising. There are three main objectives you need to plan out for your video advertising: awareness, consideration, and conversion. You need to do some research in order to discover how you can gain your potential audience’s awareness with your videos; find out what your demographic enjoys lately (memes, etc.). Once you have their attention, then you need to give them something to think about in your video, make them consider your product as exactly what they need. Finally, you need them to actually click through your video with a call to action to get them to actually buy your product or service. Any single video advertising you do may focus on only one of these categories at a time, or multiple.

Crafting the Perfect Video

Using a professional marketing company for your Facebook video production gives you the advantage of having access to a whole team of seasoned, experienced, creative minds in order to craft the perfect video for your campaign. A good, optimized video strategy is ideal for Facebook video advertising in order to drive customers to your products and services. Your Facebook videos shouldn’t rely on audio because many scroll their feeds on muted devices in public. Users are also very busy, so spending that extra CPM bidding on autoplay videos can mean the difference between actually played videos and scrolled past ones. Finally, get the point of your video across very quickly. Attention spans are short, scrolling is fast, and people have busy lives.

Facebook videos can be a very powerful advertising medium for your business, and The IMCO can help you with their Facebook video production services to craft your next great video advertisement. Contact us for more information.


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