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How to Create a Great E-Commerce Product Video

If the rise of Tik Tok has taught us anything, it’s that people want fantastic video content. In fact, this is fast becoming the norm for internet users in general. Over 80% of businesses now use video content, including e-commerce product videos, in their marketing. Video content itself is set to represent 82% of all internet traffic today as well, making it the dominant way that people digest content.

Video is an opportunity for businesses to show instead of tell, or to demonstrate to their customers why their products are unique and must-have items. To achieve this, more and more product-based companies are turning to e-commerce product videos to show off their products. If you are looking to create a fantastic video, here are a few tips to help you get something that gets people clicking.

Focus on the Consumer

We all get very excited about the products we make, but too often, we get lost in the details and forget why people will want it. A computer monitor, for example, may have the lowest pixel pitch available, but what people would rather know is that it provides a clearer, more realistic picture. The best e-commerce product videos focus on the benefits, not the specs.

Think About the Platform

View times on YouTube are considerably longer than Facebook. Landscape videos are great for YouTube while portrait ratios are best for social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok. These are just some of the considerations that you must take into account when thinking about e-commerce product videos. Matching your video to the needs and expectations of the platform makes videos more authentic and more likely to get the engagement you want. Before you make your videos, think about where you want them to live.

Call in the Professionals

Viral content is king. It takes your content and makes it something people share, love, and act upon. While there are plenty of examples of DIY viral videos, people are more likely to share e-commerce product videos that look like they were made by the professionals. Only experts in video production can craft something that’s beautiful, high-quality, and has a high potential of going viral. Plus, it gives you a chance to focus on making great products, rather than trying to create videos of those products.

The IMCO was created to give corporate clients the video content they need in a fast, easy, and affordable way. Our team of writers, producers, editors, and marketers are dedicated to making quality content that gets people clicking. From short e-commerce product videos for social media to longer explainer videos for your website, we can create videos that show off what makes your product so amazing. Contact us today to start the process. We can often get a video ready for you in as little as 15 days and can handle everything from scripting to hiring talent to post-production.


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